Pharmaceuticals Exposed to the Space Environment - NTRS - NASA

These evidence-based studies are derived from space flight exposures in the low Earth orbit environment. Extrapolating their findings to long-term space flights ...

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Pharmaceuticals Exposed to the Space Environment - NTRS - NASA

These evidence-based studies are derived from space flight exposures in the low Earth orbit environment. Extrapolating their findings to long-term space flights ...

Corrosion Control at Space Launch Pads - NTRS - NASA

Pont Reyes, CA ... The use of "smart coatings" for corrosion sensing and control ... using microencapsulation technology. Smart Coating “Brain”. Core. Shell.

Ms t - NTRS - NASA

711022. (Supervisor: Ivan I. Mueller, Department of Geodetic Science, The Ohio ... Blaha, Georges, Refinements in the combined adjust- ment of satellite ...

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spectrum down to PC0 lowpass channel range (i.e. 10Hz-12MHz range.) Following is ... -63wn3x jo IaAaI a % 6ue -103 sauo:, uo!sn13xa mnpa auqd z-x aq y syxr! ... 6u!yew slu~ojleld pue swassAs 6u!~elado jo &a!~e~ e uo unl Aaql -aJewos.


(MaROS) is intended as a central point for relay planning ... mentation, MaROS supports relay coordi- nation through ... it became necessary to modify the origi-.


This paper reviews the development of the Mission Adaptive Digital Composite. Aerostructures Technologies (MADCAT) v0 demonstrator aircraft, utilizing a ...

got mercury? - NTRS - NASA

Mercury is an element that occurs in three primary forms: 1) divalent, 2) organic, and 3) elemental [1, 2]. Divalent mercury is also known as 'reactive' mercury,.


Mars Atmosphere Resource Verification INsitu (MARVIN) –. In Situ Resource Demonstration for the Mars 2020 Mission. Gerald B. Sanders1 , Koorosh Araghi2, ...

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Hamilton Standard purchased and flight tested a Fairey Gannet aircraft which is powered by a counter-rotating propeller and has the unique capability of.


This Final Technical. Report covers the work performed under Contract No. NASI- 18784 in Task 1 -. Novel Wing Design. Concepts - fxom May 1989 through ...

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1ematfcal Modelling Techniques Used in Human Factors Analyafs 222 ... alternative is to continue to employ the product even though It is no longer optimized. ... o Controls should provide selection, verification, and ... These colors clash ... piano. The need to remember the different chord combinations and then to finger the.


FILF copy. ANALYTIC PREDICTION. OF AIRPLANE EQUILIBRIUM. SPIN CHARACTERISTICS by William M. Adams, Jr. Langley Research Center. Hampton, Va ...

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19 Jan 2015 ... 3. This satellite does not transmit directly in the GMI 18 GHz band. interference possibly caused by a 5 th.

Third CLIPS Conference Proceedings - NTRS - NASA

provides a complete environment for the development and delivery of rule andlor object based expert systems. CLIPS was specifically designed to provide a low ...

Synthesis and Characterization of Ionene ... - NTRS - NASA

Yield. = 35.13 g (86%). The 1H NMR spectrum image for TC-API-oX is presented in Figure. 4. Page 6 of 12 ...

An Examination of “The Martian” Trajectory - NTRS - NASA

5 Oct 2015 ... the Hermes vehicle in the novel “The Martian” by Andy Weir[1]. ... Purnell” maneuver trajectory in the book is far from nominal or any other.


Melick, H. C., Ybana, A. H., and Bencze, D. P.: Estimating. Maximum Instantaneous Distortion from Inlet Total Pressure RMS and PDS measurements. NASA TM ...


Trajectory data for missions to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and their ... n.w8. 0.873. 0.728. 0.67R. 1.414. 1. 344. 0.995. 0.976. 0.946. 0.903 n. 420. 0.866 ... C.SZE. C.5i5 c.524 c.524. C.922. C.5ii. 0.515 c.51c. C.514. C.SI? c.512. 0.511.

Uncertainty Assessments of 2D and Axisymmetric ... - NTRS - NASA

Table 9. Coarse-Grained Uncertainty Metrics for Rodi Model ... Rodi. 4. 10.0. 23.3. 16.3. 15.8. Omit unsep. unseparated. 7. 8.3. 26.7. 20.5 ... k-ω (2006) (CC .40).

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1 Aug 2019 ... S. Wyckoff, A.J. Ferro, and P.A. Wehinger. Amateur Observation ... Du Pont Telescope. 289.297 -29.003 ... OROSHAZA. 130. 20 41. 46 34.

Experimental Design for the LATOR Mission - NTRS - NASA

The key element of LATOR is a geometric redundancy provided by the laser ranging and long-baseline optical interferometry. We discuss the mission and ...

Modifications to fourier's law of heat conduction ... - NTRS - NASA

Fourier's law of thermal conduction are employed in the macroscopic equations of change. Despite the fact that the validity of such laws has been demonstrated ...


Linde ASU in Kazincbarcika, Hungary. Table 2. ... AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, San Diego, CA, July 31 - Aug. 3, 2011. 19.


8.5 Chapter 5: Crack Turning ... turning the crack far more sharply than commonly ... cry. _ 1 des. tYn. 3 de,,,,. CYss. 1 de_,,. 2-. I = a,,,, ") 2 de.,, o[ dess des.].

a study of crack closure in fatigue - NTRS - NASA

Crack Measurement. 39. 5. Schematic Diagram of Environmental Control System. 40. 6 ... cry transverse stress erys yield strength. Txy shear stress. <j)(x,y) Airy's stress function vf. harmonic ... Thus far, no independent verification of this result.

NASA VERVE: Interactive 3D Visualization within Eclipse - NTRS

NASA VERVE: Interactive 3D Visualization within Eclipse. The Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) at NASA Ames Research Center develops robotic rovers as ...

Crack Development in Cross-Ply Laminates Under ... - NTRS - NASA

(04/904)5. 25.3. 17.7. 2.18 .213 .43 .465. (08). 25.3. 17.7. 2.24 .112 .33 .245 ... The work done can be expressed as. Sa. G = lim l. (F, - Au)da. (3.2). Aa_o 2A. Cry ... If a laminate is subjected to a far-field strain of e o, and a sublaminate crack is ...

program for the analysis of time series - NTRS - NASA

00 11 I J = l , N L K F T. IL=( IJ-1 )*NCHP«-jj. 11 Z( IJ*IK)=SAVE64 (ID. 10 "CONTINUE c. C. COMPUTE BLOCK MEAN AND COUNTS FOR HISTOGRAM. 95 ...

Emily M. Willis and Dr. Maria ZA Pour, ECE ... - NTRS - NASA

Emily M. Willis and Dr. Maria Z. A. Pour, ECE Department. Introduction. Key Findings/Results. Conclusions. Concept. Acknowledgements. Power losses, surface ...


By J. L. Koncsek and J. Syberg r . The Boeing Company ... Research and development work on the prototype U.S. supersonic trans- port intake contributed to the ...

analysis of fatigue crack propagation - NTRS - NASA

If a material element is far away from a crack tip, the cyclic ... Equations (5) give good approximations of the elastic stresses, only if the ... 0 62 KSI; cry, 91 KSI;.

Preliminary Radiation Testing of a State-of-the-Art ... - NTRS - NASA

Abstract— Hardness assurance test results of Intel state-of- ... software stress testing, test method. ... Burn-in Test, OpenGL Benchmark and GPU Temperature,.

Technology Requirements for Advanced Earth ... - NTRS - Nasa

|-ujS. oO. UI L5 CO 1—. 1. CC —•. CO. CO. >-• Ul DC. Iss's'l gilt. CO. 3 ... Ma. V7 LU h- tO. Z OC .OgUJ. V> h— — J g«a oc f- ui or z ais2 h- •*. CXI Z OC. •^.O GO.

A highresolution model of fieldaligned currents ... - NTRS - NASA

26 Sep 2012 ... integrated into MFACE, a model of field-aligned currents. (FACs) using ... orthogonal functions analysis (MFACE), Geophys. Res. Lett., 39,.

Environmental Analysis of the Chemical Release ... - NTRS - NASA

to be obtained but also in terms of small scale pilot tests of the massive releases involved in pro- jected space engineering projects. There is an exceedingly ...

Mathematical Model and Experimental Results for ... - NTRS - NASA

Eden Cryogenics constructed the dewar using 304 stainless steel with an inside diameter of 0.76 m and a maximum allowable working pressure of 515 kPa.