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dental. I found myself in a hotel in. Dublin on -the night before the meeting of the Irish Party, ... teeth minus the molars, ... END OF SEASON SALE, General Drapi.

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Elections trnd Polls Act, 1905.". I HEREBY give notice that the following ... growing heavy crops of wheat, oats, peze, potatoes, good rape and turnips. At pre-.

POR'S A - Papers Past

dental. I found myself in a hotel in. Dublin on -the night before the meeting of the Irish Party, ... teeth minus the molars, ... END OF SEASON SALE, General Drapi.

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Bttiirtt tiok«t«. Interchangeable with P. jd Q,, 5.N.00., or Orient Lm©, via ... In th, inttrertt of pmtt „, Ao, Mome foodt w. Edmonds Baking Powder, Sold by jail Store ...

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Finrlcr pie se return Returned i. SoMlere' Hub. or 44, Chiin-h. St. IH-ron- | port j<7 ,. T OST. ... 'Trade.—Tuti"% tiymonds St. '£?£ ... gIMI- pEDROOM s^FITK of foci;.

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Pontmaster. SHIPPING. TARAWERAS ROUGH PASSAGE. Auckland, June 3. Th> Tarawera arrived from Gisborne at midnight after a long passage of 37 hours ...

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son, the bankrupt ia reported to have made tho following ... It .-was hugaly.-successful" tvben presentee' ... "Saul," concluded tho servico. ENGLISH WOOL.

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WAN T E~D. E. N O W X. We. "aave the Most Perfect and Reliable. System of Putting on Rubber Tyres in the. Dominion, and have proved by years of practical ...

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10 Jan 2020 ... Somy memory clings*to'thee.□"". : : Inserted by his loving daughter, Alice. ... A, Don, of Duuedin,aocom- panied by Mri. D^m, kft by the Ulinra-.

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popular. Detachable cylinder heads, drv sump lubrication, and enclosed valves are ... jiuj saa;□"•(-:t □ .i-onwntal alter- ! atiras ocr3:i-..-.ri'L'd. *i'.e cannring *-> ij.

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6 Aug 2019 ... Tho Proprietor hopes that hU endeavours to cater for thepublic will ... ovPed Plain and liispitient. ... for hU soul, and making theaign of the cross.

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>oiueone who would frivv no name wiehel lo sneak immediately with. Mrs Ueynnidv It w.is impn:t.mt. an<l no .-.niM !n- left. When inf./rmed that Mrs. llrvnolds wn« ...

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11. Tale. Cox 546,. Filleul street. Dunedin. XT'OHM)—Superfluous. Hairs,. Moles, per. , manently ... CLUB. The WEEKLY MEET will be held over the Property of Mr W. RENNICK at. WINGATUI ... is that of the Budapest String Quartet m. Dvorak's ...

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Royse, Stead,and Co; 1852 sacks, R Anderson and. Co;860 do,X M and A Co; 2SG do, Wilson, Harra- way, and Co; 225 do, J Runciman; 125 do, 6 .Blyth. -□□.

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breeze; mg, moderate gale; g, whole or heavy gale; w, ... the essence of lyxio love, half angel and half bird ... tho riots are 17 killed and 200 wounded, of whom ...

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'k3 packing necessary.—Ernest J. B. Hcwia. ' and Co.. Pastrycookf and Confectioners. 200. { Symond? ... (Nest Lyxio Theatre),. And Bemcera Bead ... mg. 1800 sheep, 200 oattfc; easy. 3- sheet) country. -<"«-. easy. 3-. PRICE. £22 PER ACRE.

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6 Jan 2019 ... -better style ... £*Kft DEPOSIT—Four-roomed HOUSE, all conveniences; shop attached; good ... Australia and more from Hungary, the.

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before the motorist could get the warrant for ... 1 apart from the sum of £1000_.jjer annum which it will save through, supplying power for ... At tho request of liis backers, Wm. ;. Webb, the. ... Ibrokeu in your resz by a sick child *>ur j fering with ...

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Kotes.—Thames course,, 4 miles ntaltacourse. 3 miles 330 yds. :; 1. 713yds.; Nepean Rrver course, alio ganni course, similes. :"Theseraces weroabout halfa ni.

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1 May 2019 ... MURRIE SPEIRS AND CO., Hamilton. V>XS-10-tL claimed ... and accommoda- tion, I am obliged to advance my tariff to. "1B ~JP?T. 4,ay - i?

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!rJeW Xs* cough,-iipurliv restful nights. Cresolene hi. ___Z_. ' A<)Sl-V"'r ®. » HFOatS Quicklv B ... I am obliged to advance my tariff to. 's per day, 40s per week.

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10 Feb 2020 ... Better ware you cannot buy. .H. Atkinson, 117 ... cep.tcd. H. MATSON AND, CO., Auctioneers and Land Agents. ' 9514. H. MATSON AND CO.

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12 Oct 2018 ... Whippet. Engines at Freeman. Motor Supplies,. 287, Victoria St. ... VERLAND Whippet Tourer. 1927 model ... duty of journeying to far-oil I'elado.

new zealand - Papers Past

8 Nov 2019 ... with a young woman named Ada Louis. "'Ellis, endeavors, to shirk the ... fact, he, revels among the elete, but the despicable dastard is not man ...

j stwwOT . ||s&H - Papers Past

□whia mete King! mote ora" ("Fight for the King and liberty"), "Hi. hi, ha!" .("Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!" The Maoris rehearsed before the lads, who were supplied.

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Bubnell, Bennett & Sfbot beg to ciU the attention of Purchasers to this really. SPLENDID MOB OF CATTLE. For price and terms apply to. Burnell, Bennett St Sfkot,.

The New Zealand Herald. - Papers Past

Stop-over Privileges at any Port of Call. Choice of 8 Routes ... from Auckland to port of dopariure Free of ... Verdak, an old adherent of Shore Ali's. now in refuse ...

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22 Sep 2018 ... tho appeal was made on religious, hu- manitarianandmoralgrounds, but ... 18s Sd. Better ware you cannot buy,. H. Atkinson, 117, Manchester ...

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France as “ Le Roi de Roulette,” mas* ... roulette, and that his so-called losses ... Gay Bell. 7 3. Silver Cloud. 7 0. Silver. Quex. 7 3 First Flutter. 7 0. 1.52—.

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*64 the young Moon joined the scheme. "of things ... all men are liars. ... of a beautiful woman whose husband ... 7 x's, 14/6; 10'ii ... n gossamer or splder'a web.

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ROME, March 13. (Received Mnrch 13, at midnight.) It is reported that the Pope and en- tourago are dismayed at the develop- ment of tho episcopal nominating.

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and other Australian Ports. From Wellington; ... M.V. PORT WAIKATO—TUESDAY. August 6th, ... •truck the Highlander's' port lifeboat. '''the.dpvits, This swung ...

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6 Aug 2019 ... fcnghsu Furs has just reached Madai. Menere, 127 Cashel street, i„ ti, the Races. Madame Menere has iwn very fortunate indeed, but surely™.

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Mlm. /. VelonrorTwced,fnrcoUar&cnffi 4to6Gns. j^S^m TtS-uii!: f^|m. tlSjRiwinir .1' iliß;SwllStt %11tizet,HUA ... Hlbs.) m small squares, and finely slice eight limes.

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Ora" worked in the curve of thoshoulder arches on either side. The arch is sur- mounted ... house Quay, Wellington, Trial box eent for three penny stamps.—Advt.

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Haurangi .,. 7 12 Diamond Ring. G 9. Little River .. 7 12 Crown Star ..; 0. 7. Battle Knight. 7 2 Joy Rirta. 6. 7. SAPLING STAKES HANDICAP, oi. SOV3. 5f. Bathos.