CDs Bid For Mainstream - American Radio History

12 May 1984 ... SUBROC- Coleco 2614. Dmda cart,* availability for slay on hantems ceiñgwation. ... heard if not seen in Gotham, where two singles, "This ...

CDs Bid For Mainstream - American Radio History - Kapcsolódó dokumentumok

CDs Bid For Mainstream - American Radio History

12 May 1984 ... SUBROC- Coleco 2614. Dmda cart,* availability for slay on hantems ceiñgwation. ... heard if not seen in Gotham, where two singles, "This ...

Official Organ ofAll India Radio - American Radio History

Kyun neha lagae kyun jan gawae. Film Zamana. BIBBO. Sunder hun sakhi pag pag par main. Film goo Days & After. 4.30 *. Close down. TRANSMISSION IV.

For all aspects of practical amateur radio - American Radio History

13 Sep 1984 ... lap CA3189E 250p. TBA530. 80p ... lap lip lip. 18p. 11p. Illp lip. 16p. 18p. 389. 36p. 40p. 40p. 45p. 15p. 15p. 16p. 20P ... Interface;. Multifunction.

Ham Radio Magazine 1989 - American Radio History

30 Sep 1989 ... NlGBP. 90 Becker Clrcle. Wlndsor. CT. (203) 522 8028 evenlnqs. COLORADO: Se tember 24 BARCFEST '89 s nsored by the Boulder ARC!,.

Radio-Electronics-19.. - American Radio History

53 Synchronized Color Subcarrier Signal Generator -Edward K. Novak. 55 Transistorized ... fEJ WDAAr Mc _ mate 6e Li-01 yD'REAM_ AIA- C//IAE. eaAGG 6  ...

movie-radio - American Radio History

GUI i. E. FIFTEEN CENTS. PROGRAMS FOR AUG. 1--7 t" ° " " ° "'. Xavier Cugat -How to Rumba, Conga, Samba. Photo -Story of film "Yankee Doodle Dandy" ...

radio communication - American Radio History

1 Jan 1972 ... chokes and special packs f or earthing ... rolix —G3XNG), 13 January (The s imple way t ... Mosley V4:6 with guys and heavy t imber base, £10.

Aug - American Radio History

Simson & Frey, Inc. Slater, Harry Mfg. Co, ... Henger-Seltzer Co., 1. 111 Wall St., Los ... in various finishes. Their outstanding feature is the tuning slide which.

J2P and P2J Ver 1 - American Radio History

18 Jan 2018 ... BATCH OF LOVE - ROULETTE 4202 -A cute, nov -' elty- flavored tune. It's done to good effect by Rondo with help from a male vocal group.

5 - American Radio History

Technics. Frequency Analyzer. The Technics SH-8000 is a battery -powered, '/3 ... o 6. Level indicator. Yes. 5x/4 o 13 x 7. SPARKOMATIC. GE -70. 139.95 AE. 7.

rv[p2 - American Radio History

21 Jan 1992 ... TUL. RKVy 2026591340. Earoru Fa. 202-42065' - Admnsvanve Ga. A2A,r 'J2'Aa.e,rs-_ ... KESO. Quincy. WGEM. Idaho Falls. KPVI. Salisbury. WBOC. Yuma-El Centro KYMA. Ada- Ardmore ... season on Fox; Charlie Hoover, in its first season on Fox; and ... Ava Godom,. Colleen Applewhite, Elliott Francis.

SO FAR - American Radio History

13 Oct 2012 ... Stargate for the first time, for a pair of hits-Khalifa's "Work. Hard, Play ... 6. WHISTLE. RO 111011 POI SO ATLANTIS. I 1 ... NOT 5X01. KW.

P ERE - American Radio History

11 Nov 1982 ... Satellite-1A's including stands and $630 for the Volkswoofer. Further details about the speakers can be obtained from any HiFi City store. ().S.).

101 - American Radio History

1 May 1981 ... A pertc -pisbn tweeter, frozer n time. Developed with the ... This miraculous miniature metal triode tube is the best tube to use as moving coil ...

//_ .,lÍ - American Radio History

Nova T-1 tweet- er (illustrated). An 8" speaker, the Nova 3 in- ... ing Orion, the sickle of Leo, and the parallel lines of Gemini, that they were astonished to see it ...

VHf - American Radio History

Lazy VECs? THE FCC HAS DECERTIFIED four more Vol- unteer Examination Coordinators, The latest to lose their right to coordinate amateur radio testing are: ...

Jan - American Radio History

5 Jan 1980 ... Functions switch formic magnetic and cryS1al plc iwp s. tape luner and auxiliary ... SoI.r AI.rm LCD stainless ... 85 2N5642 750 LS161 98 lA - ve.

T1 -D -n - American Radio History

Trapped in the kitchen at a party heavily populated by members of the British 'quality press' I was being told that Oasis' (What's the Story) Morning Glory was a ...

Upgradin PCs - American Radio History

18 Mar 1998 ... 32 Temple Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 4AN, UK Tele 44 (0)1902 773122 Fax 44 (0)1902 ... 8UZ71. 75p. MJ4502. 300p. MJ10012. 3009. 4N35. 50p. LINEAR ICs ... BP. BY164. 40p. BY179. 35P. BY184. 32p. BY206. 119. 8Y207. 20p ... 25A1135. 130p. 25A1673. 425p. 25C496. 25p. 2SC1570. 40p.

FM Atlas - American Radio History

White- hall. 94.1 WNYV. NEW YORK. (pp. 14.15). 97.1 VVZRT. *90.5 WFTF. Windsor. Franklin .*91.7WWPC. 98.1 WJJR. ¡89.5 WVPR. New 94.1 WFTN. Belmont.

Breaking - American Radio History

31 Dec 1995 ... bert's Audio Video bkw London. - Audio Buys oun. Studio: New: rk, Wilmington. Absolute Sound Winter Park. Aud io Advisors West Palm Beach.

Out Of Europe? - American Radio History

28 Jan 1989 ... ant IKEA, whose French subsidi- ary supplies furniture for the space. Swedish multinational car company SAAB is also contribut- ing this year.

1981 - American Radio History

25 Sep 2019 ... further from the truth, for Robert's irreducible ideas come by way of gnawing ... A new band from Basildon, DEPECHE MODE, have plenty of tunes, but no guile ... directly going against Motown's policy of factory-line hits which ...

unication - American Radio History

1 Jan 1993 ... he 29th and V5 and ZS9 on t ... roper English handbook, two battery packs ... rolix a rea can c ount f or both a c ounty a nd e country multip lier l.

HeiIichei War - American Radio History

15 Jul 1972 ... Top 50 and two soul breakers- an impressive ... jor factor in programming of radio stations. Not so ... got "X" number of dollars. It was good for ...

communIcatIons - American Radio History

instructions lrom ten Aesbrink, SM 5 BSZ (2) two measures were carried oct (see fig. ... At the same bme. knowlodge aeon the functional process the compuler ...

video - American Radio History

23 Aug 1986 ... Status Quo i Vedigo (Warner Brothers Music). 0 9 ° ... Simply Red (UK) or Modern Talking (Germany); ... Due to the good sales Brother Louie is.

reports - American Radio History

4 May 2007 ... ... you need: four stereo program busses, dual caller Superphone module, ... This year, the radio exhibits were in the west end, and the east end ...

inside - American Radio History

20 Mar 1992 ... received a red star on their [donut] receipts could instantly win parapher- nalia such as coffee mugs, ... the trek to Cedar Rapids, IA to catch Restless Heart in concert. Reward- ... "Willow" 'Voyager" ... TOAD TICE NET 4X01.

po puEs - American Radio History

1 Apr 2019 ... 1/4W pack 5each value 612 -106501 M 305 p ieces. 1,. 2W pack ... /O auto data detect c ircuitry. ... 0.30. M01237. 3.45. MRF4504. 12.50. M0F453 17.50. M0F454 23.60. M0F455 17.50 ... ish language lesson from 0000 to 0030 and ... Hungary. Budapest on 9835 at 1050,. OM with announcements then some.

killing - American Radio History

27 Apr 1996 ... Asia -Pacific Music Publishers' Assn. Its aim is to strengthen pub- lishing companies and ... A Buta Zenek," that was the highlight of last year's ...

requireme - American Radio History

supply those more obscure parts, and sooner or later rely on us for all their video part ... 'FM BUG BUILT AN DTESTEDsuperior design to kft. Supplied.

OF 2028 AD - American Radio History

24 Dec 1993 ... KLH has been in the business of ... f hz KLH Prem ier t 1 speakers sounded about as good as ... George Jellinek, Stoddard Lincoln, Ian Masters,.

demon dol - American Radio History


r Magazine - American Radio History

9 Sep 1989 ... Kepujsag and Nachrichten, plus a sub- titled Sherlock Holmes film on the. 10th, test -cards from Austria (ORF. FS1) and Yugoslavia (Ljublijana) ...

0a 7efetetaai - American Radio History

11:30—Nat'l Farm Hoer, KFT. 12:30—Man on the ... KFT—Concert in Miniature. KNX—Treaspry ... Friday, 8:45 a.m.). Cu49-449%texem.9-4,9-d4~-4olt.e%ue>,.